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El Piedra - The Missed Round [Trailer] 




Nadia and Raul are lovers. Raul seems curious about Nadia's habit of counting how many times they have had sex. As their rendezvous become more frequent, they cynically challenge themselves to celebrate if they reach the number fifty. However, as time goes by, calculations fail them; their roles and circumstances change, and their encounters end up becoming misencounters.

El Piedra  [Trailer] 


El Piedra

(The Missed Round)

Life is meant to be faced
with no gloves on

Reynaldo Salgado "El Piedra" is a 40 year old afro-colombian boxer who works as a bait in Cartagena. In other words he gets paid to lose fights. He is a professional loser. 


One day, Breyder, a 12 years old boy from the street, shows up claiming to be his son. But Reynaldo lacks of good memory (his head is starting to show the damages of so many fights), so he decides to accept this boy as his son.


Reynaldo does not know how to raise a kid, and despite he wants to quit boxing now is forced to accept more fights in order to provide the necessities of his new son.

Breyder wants to be a boxer, but Reynaldo does all he can in order to avoid him all the hardship he had to live as pugilist.


In this journey Reynaldo finds someone that makes him feel important again, and Breyder learns how to admire not the boxing champion, but rather the middle-class worker. That's how two solitaries build a family together. 


El Piedra it’s a fresh approach on boxing: it is not about the epic contender. It is all about finding dignity within the supposed defeat. 

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